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Borrowing Rates

Scheduling fee
Transaction fee
Payment fee
Savings payment fee
Late fee
$5.00 then 0.5% per/month
Returned item fee
*Rates subject to change at any time and do not include shipping and handling, or expedited payment fees.
*Listed rates represent a specific set of transactions, with all parties meeting the initial terms of their agreement.
*The total late fee allowed / charged will be limited to the lesser of legal rate of interest in California, the borrowers state of residence, or the lenders state of residence. http://www.wikiloan.com/main/usury

Gift Cards Prices

Card Price $100 value
Card Price $50 value
Card Shipping Fee
*Card sales and purchase are to / from members only and may be provided in the LendFu market place by a 3rd party merchant.
*All Cards listed are 2nd hand goods with verified values. Other values may be available upon request
*Cards are open loop and may be labled Visa, MasterCard or Amex.
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