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LendFu is the socially responsible alternative to Payday loans that saves you money

You borrow from real people or non-profits

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Borrow from Real People

  • $100 - $1000 as soon as the next day
  • Simple Automatic Monthly Payments
  • Make payments with Cash or ACH
  • Safe alternative to Payday Loans
  • Confidential, Safe and Simple
  • Join with no obligation to borrow

Choose your terms and see the cost - before you borrow

We don't have high interest rates, rollover fees, or cash advance charges - 0% interest, flat fees and flexible terms that let you stay in control of your debt.

Our lenders are people just like you and non profit's working to help Americans

Don't get a Payday loan. Don't get a credit card cash advance. Save money and credit with LendFu

Great Rates - Supportive Community - Safe and Secure - Automatic Payment

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Why not get a better loan?

  • Build a financial network that can help you when you need it.
  • Make a payment any time, anywhere with your phone or computer.
  • Payment Options: ACH from Savings, Checking or pay in cash.
  • Payment options for you and your lender if you can't pay on time.
  • You are borrowing from real people that want to help you - and get paid back.
  • Invite friends to build your network and make money from your loan!

Everyone needs a reliable Financial Network - Cheaper than a Payday lender

Peer-to-peer Payday Lending

Get Started Lending
  • Annualized returns range to over 80%
  • Diversify P2P Lending with a unique asset class
  • Start micro lending with just $26
  • Communicate directly with borrowers
  • Simplify lending to friends and family
  • Help your friends, family and community

Lending money on LendFu helps people when they need it most.

Whether you're an avid investor or just feel like helping people out with $100, use LendFu!

Our Lending options let you to decide who to lend to - the choices are yours.

Lend based on the borrower's reason or risk and return.

Make Money - Help People - Safe and Secure - Lend to Friends and Family

Non-profit Lending

Start Your Community
  • Help people to better help themselves
  • Lend directly or allow members to borrow and lend
  • Donation page for direct donations to lending
  • Define your program structure, cost, and fees
  • Set qualifications and expectations for borrowers
  • Help your community avoid Payday loans!

When members of your community or congregation need financial help

Provide them with a safe, low cost option to help them get back on track financially

Simplify you're existing lending or start a new services for your community

Lendfu simplifies providing small dollar financial assistance to your community

Build Community - Help people to help themselves - Better financial health

Loan Payment Information: LendFu does not offer credit and is not a collection agency; debts are not owed to us. However, not paying your debt in our services hurts the entire community making lenders more reluctant to lend to honest people that are in need in the future; additionally, it is a violation of our TOU. For this reason we fully support lenders taking whatever fair and legal means they have to collect.

All loans have an agreed upon payment schedule as covered in the sales agreement. If payment is not received by the due date, late fees or other fees may apply as detailed in each agreement. All collections efforts on past due accounts are conducted via a 3rd party agency in a fair and lawful manner in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Your debt, if not paid, may get listed on your credit report, or result in your lender(s) taking whatever legal action is available to them to collect what they are owed. For customers having trouble making their payments, rescheduling options are available to allow you, at anytime, for any reason, to change the terms of payments as per your sales agreement and the LendFu TOU.

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