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Your LendFu account is free to create and use, fees are applied only to transactions, purchases & specific Services.

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We won't spam you or sell your information to anyone - ever.

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Information Verification

to prevent fraud and match your details to a Lender's criteria, we need to verify your information. The more we verify, the faster your loan may be accepted!

Email Verification

Your email address is how we'll contact you & how you recover your password if you forget it.

Mobile Number Verification

We'll send you a text. Just follow the instructions in it to verify.

Identity Verification

We will check to ensure you are who you say you are and that you are 18 or older. To remain compliant with state and federal law, we may be required to check your name and ID against state and federal databases.

Account Verification

To confirm you are the owner of the checking account you provide to us, we'll make a couple of small transactions & ask you to verify the amount of the transactions. It doesn't cost you a thing & verifies you are the one receiving your money!.

Source of Income Verification (optional)

To get a Payday loan we need to verify your pay days, otherwise you may only request a personal loan- which may reduce your chances of finding a lender.
Add your source of income to verify so that lenders know your pay date is real and verified.

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