Social Lending

Real credit from real people

Compare LendFu to the others

NO Interest - just flat fees

The price to borrow is fixed, based on how much you're borrowing, not how long you're borrowing for.

So it costs $108.00 to borrow $100.00 - that's it

Choose a single payment or many payments

Pay back in one payment, or pay it back in many, there is a flat fee of $6 for each payment you schedule.

Or you can pay any amount off the balance at anytime you like.

Change your payment schedule at anytime

Reschedule your payments at anytime by paying part of the balance (so you will owe less) and a flat fee.

LendFu Lenders are NOT payday lenders

The lenders are people that signed up just like you...
There are NO other peer to peer payday lenders - no matter what they claim

LendFu vs. the other guys

What we do is different. See how we stack up to the others - then decide if you want to join, borrow or lend with us


Your Credit
Late fee

Credit card cash advance

% to start then % each month
Cost depends on how long it takes you to repay
Depends on your credit limit
As many as you like
up to 29% APR after initial fee
No end date!
Pay high interest as long as you like!
Recorded on your credit
$15 - $25 late fee each month
Then your interest rate increases

Payday lender

$110 to $130 for every $100
Cost depends on number of days agreed to
Varies by state: Ca up to $300
1 Payment
320% - 900% APR not including fees
Rollover by doubling the fees
Each state has different limits
Credit not affected
NSF fee, then more fees
Then sent to predatory collectors


$108 for every $100
$6 for each payment after the first
$100 - $1000
1 or many payments
Fixed price
Change dates at any time
$5 fee, plus part of the balance
Credit not affected
$5 fee
Not current in 60 days up to %10 APR

LendFu and Social Lending Fpc

Social Lending operates the LendFu marketplace where borrowers and lenders come together

We don't Lend

We don't approve or reject your requests

We verify that everyone is who the say they are and that the information provided is as accurate as possible.

We will never threaten you over your debt

We don't forget any debts to LendFu members

We benefit when our lenders and borrowers are happy - both are our customers.

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