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LendFu is the socially responsible alternative to Payday loans that saves you money

You borrow from real people or non-profits

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Borrow from Real People

  • $100 - $1000 as soon as the next day
  • Simple Automatic Monthly Payments
  • Make payments with Cash or ACH
  • Safe alternative to Payday Loans
  • Confidential, Safe and Simple
  • Join with no obligation to borrow

Choose your terms and see the cost - before you borrow

We don't have high interest rates, rollover fees, or cash advance charges - 0% interest, flat fees and flexible terms that let you stay in control of your debt.

Our lenders are people just like you and non profit's working to help Americans

Don't get a Payday loan. Don't get a credit card cash advance. Save money and credit with LendFu

Great Rates - Supportive Community - Safe and Secure - Automatic Payment

Peer-to-peer Lending

Making social finance simple

  • Annualized returns range to over 80%
  • Diversify P2P Lending with a unique asset class
  • Start micro lending with just $26
  • Lend to who you want, when you want
  • Automated re-investment

Lending money on LendFu helps people when they need it most.

Whether you're an avid investor or just feel like helping people out with $100, use LendFu!

Our Lending options let you to decide who to lend to - the choices are yours.

Lend based on the borrower's reason or risk and return.

Make Money - Help People - Safe and Secure - Lend to Friends and Family

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